The Nice Guys review

the-nice-guys-1While it may not be the best movie to come out in recent times, The Nice Guys is a pleasant and enjoyable film all around. The movie takes place in 1970’s Los Angeles, in which Jackson Healy  (Russell Crowe) is a morally good hired detective, taking odd jobs that usually just require him punching someone in the face. His line of work leads to him bumping into Holland March (Ryan Gosling), a private investigator who doesn’t have much work ethics, as long as he can make some cash out of it. While the two have their differences at first, they team up in order to follow a case about a missing girl. The plot wasn’t anything too special and, without spoiling anything, was a bit predictable in it’s bigger set pieces. However, with the movie market filled with world-saving, high-octane blockbusters, it’s nice to get a simple “buddy cop” type film.

The Nice Guys was surprisingly funny, often going against expectations of traditional films. Both Gosling and Crowe have great chemistry together, especially with the dynamics of both characters. The banter between Gosling and Crowe doesn’t get tiring throughout the entire movie, which is very refreshing. While the humor of the film stays strong throughout the film, the other aspects don’t quite reach the same level. The action scenes are probably the weakest part of the film, which is a shame as they could have brought more humor in to liven up the action. While there wasn’t anything particularly bad with the action scenes, they seemed very generic despite the film gaining most of its humor by going against modern expectations.


By the end of the film, I was already wanting more. It took some time for the film to start finding its pace, but once it gets going I didn’t want it to stop. After reading IMDb about the film, I learned that it was originally going to be a TV show, but eventually got scrapped and turned into the film. The ending leaves a door wide open for future sequels, which has me excited for more Gosling and Crowe banter in the future.


The Beginning

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